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About us

Introduction About Myself:

I am Raja Anis ur Rehman, I have complete 14 year of education in social and humanity group. I am Professional expert in web designing, web development, Seo, Article writing, successful home remedies tips for health and diseases, theme customization. This website makes on health and diseases topic for any types of health issues and diseases related i have post content on true and successful experimental home remedies tips for all age people’s and not any types of copy paste work.

My Expertise:

My ambition is to make the article on home remedies tips on health and diseases. I am not a doctor. By our parents and fore fathers the home remedies which we are listening from the beginning of our age and with help of lots of home remedies books. I want to post it on my website for those people’s who are not believing in going to doctor and spending thousands of money and by the method of homeopathically proven remedies and diet cure.

My knowledge:

I have done lots of courses in it relations and computing fields so as per i choose my career in the computing and database related like according to my work so thus i have the ability to write the articles and put the contents in home remedies(cure by diet). By the help of reading lots of books, by the reading there is a lots of things which i can upload and post in blogs etc.

Website Criteria:

In my website https://www.google3c.com its contains the content which are logically proven by experiment on health/diseases which can cured by diet, health/diseases related issues and complete knowledge about nutrition and diet for a better and healthy lifestyle.

Terms and Conditions:

In my site diverse sorts of article and substance like aiding however all substance and pages information is base on evident and first I checking then include site https://www.google3c.com and no sorts of the phony, false data and if some of the time some news running in situations individuals s make himself false and counterfeit news yet in my side no sorts of the obligations and my site all information is as indicated by the great, helping and in appropriate way not a phony substance since I have obviously tell about which sorts of my site.

My Team:

Our all workers are honest and work properly according to the structure of website .we have good employes and hardworking passionately employes for our website which are working on our website day and night to groom the website and helping the people’s by posting the home remedies articles ion our website(which are proven by experiment).

About Website:

My website contains the information about remedies and health/diseases which can cure by the diet and in the entire world trillions of site’s working and profit with various strategy and my site base on genuine article and genuine data reach to individuals’ and get some help.Now a days many individuals’ employments of programming and apparatuses for profit however these all site after some month or year prohibited and get not profit. My site is make great and genuine hand composing article not duplicate glue work since I need individuals’ get help and advantage in my site.

Contact Me:

If you have any queries related the article or any questions about health/diseases any type of issue like post related i will reply in few hours or within a day you can contact me by email and posting comments, my contact information in is next page, This is my about us page.

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